Our fashion sustainability focus

Did you know that 79% of Canadians and 82% of American’s clothes are not worn over the course of a year? (Fashion United, 2018) and every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned? An estimated $500 billion value is lost every year due to clothing that's barely worn and rarely recycled.

This is why at Pronti, we are working to help create a better fashion ecosystem.

Here are the areas we champion:

Using the clothing that you already own

According to a study published in The Wallstreet Journal, we only wear 20% of your closet. So, 80% of our wardrobe are clothes that we lost money on and will soon end up in a landfill.

With Pronti, you can actually use what you have in your closet. Pronti's recommendation engine will suggest outfits with all of the items from your wardrobe. That way you don’t run to buy something new before using what they already own.

Helping to buy more consciously

We have all made an impulse purchase of something that we might really like but will not go with any of the clothes we already own. This item will then go live at the back of your closet, still with the tag on and become part of that 80% of clothes we don’t wear.

With our Shopping Recommendation feature, you can make better choices when buying new clothes. The app recommends clothes that go with the clothes you already own, allowing you to buy more consciously. Additionally, you always have your closet with you, to know if you already have something like it.

Make it easier to discover sustainable & local brands

In the ocean of e-commerce today, it is hard to find what you like and even harder to find products that go with your ideologies. Many people today are eager to find items from small local brands that follow sustainable ideals, but are lost in trying to discover them.

Pronti’s Shopping Recommendations will take all of your choices into account. The intelligent algorithm computes your style, what you already own, the occasion you are using your clothes on, and more. We have been hunting and partnering with great sustainable brands and are adding new ones every week. We are also adding new features to help you filter for sustainable options. Become a conscious buyer all in a simple click.