How to Add Items to your Closet

There are many ways to add your clothes and accessories to your digital closet and we are adding even more and easier ways soon.

  • Uploading to the Closet

    1. Expand the closet menu

    Click on the “+” at the top of the Pronti closet screen to upload your clothing.

    Upload your clothes on Pronti

    2. Choose an Upload Option

    You can choose between:

    1. Sample Closet: This has some basic items like tshirts and jeans. You can turn this closet off and on and delete individual items.
    2. Web Image: Uploading clothing photos from any image on the web. Search by item description and brand
    3. Photo Gallery: Uploading a photo of your clothing item from your phone gallery.
    4. Camera: Take a picture of your clothing right from the app.
    5. Removed Background: Upload a picture from your gallery where you have already removed the background. This allows you to use other software (Photoshop, your phone's background removal or an online tool) to remove the background.
    6. Email: Connect your email to find all your ecommerce purchases. Pronti uses the photo from these emails to add them.
    7. Selfie & Social: Coming soon!

    Upload your clothes on Pronti

    3. Choose The Occasions Or Styles For The Items you uploaded

    All newly uploaded items appear in All Closet and Missing Occasion.

    After uploading your items, remember to tag them in the occasions you use them in.

    If not, the item will not appear in any outfit recommendations (other than All Closet Mashup) because it is not linked to an occasion card.

    You can scroll through the arrows at the top of the Closet to see what occasions have what clothing items.

    Upload your clothes on Pronti
  • Upload Hacks - how to get started quickly

    Putting your closet in is an investment, but you don't have to do it all at once.

    Here are 3 fast tips to get started.

    In Beta testing: Use the Email upload feature

    Thanks for your feedback - we are back working on this feature!


    It can get a lot of your first items in fast.

    We don't save your messages but if you'd prefer not to connect your main email, create a throwaway email - and forward all your purchases there.

    Upload from web - log into your store accounts for past purchases

    1. Use the upload from web feature

    2. Tap All in the top of the browser to switch from Google Images to Google Browser

    3. search your store

    4. Login and go to your purchases.

    Prepare before taking photos

    A little prep goes a long way in making you efficient.

    Clothes on a hanger are super fast - our average user with clothes on a hanger can do 60 items in 30 minutes.

    1. Grab the items from your closet for one occasion - like your school clothes or your work clothes.

    2. If they are not on hangers put them on hangers (so much faster to do hanger rather than lay flat method)

    3. take a picture off the wall and use the hook

    4. hang each one on the picture hook, click a picture, put it into the done pile.

    5. Everything in your missing occasion closet is ready to be tagged to school or work. There is a bulk edit tutorial for this!

  • Take a Picture - Taking good photos really matters!


    Taking good photos really helps Pronti to see the item and remove the background properly. If the background is busy or patterned it can really confuse Pronti.

    Upload your clothes on Pronti

    Take photos in the day or in a bright room that minimizes shadows on the item.

    Find a spot with a plain or uniform background, like a door or a wall.

    It works best if it is a different color from the item - so try not to put a white shirt against the white bedsheet.

    Hang your items or lay them out flat.

    Do up buttons and zippers and smooth out the wrinkles.

  • Gallery: Upload images from your camera roll
  • Find an online Image: Upload any Image of Clothing

    Web Images

    You can upload your closet items by searching them on Google Images. It is a great big list of images to choose from!

    Upload your clothes on Pronti

    For better finds, search a description of your item with the brand name.

    For example, “women black skinny jeans Theory”.

    Upload your clothes on Pronti

    1. Select the item that resembles your clothing item. Try to avoid model shots (shots with a person wearing it). These will not work well with the background removal. Product shots will crop and look the best in your closet.
    2. Take a screenshot of the clothing item in the web by selecting “take a screenshot”.

    Upload your clothes on Pronti

    1. Crop the screenshot so that you remove any text and it only shows your clothing item.
    2. You can add the cropped screenshot of your clothing item and either continue adding your closet from the web, or add it and exit.

    Upload your clothes on Pronti
  • Sample Closet - toggle on and off

    Sample Closet

    The sample closet is intended to get you started with things many people have in their closet like Jeans and t-shirts. You can play around with the app and keep some or none of them by clicking the sample closet again.

    Upload your clothes on Pronti
  • In Beta: Email receipts and ecommerce purchases

    coming soon!

    Thanks for your feedback during the beta test- we are back working on this feature!

    In this method you connect your gmail to Pronti and Pronti looks for your e-commerce purchases. Pronti will find the images.

    Please note: Pronti does not save the emails and disconnects after finding the images. If you are worried but still want to use this method a hack is to forward all your purchases to a dummy gmail account and connect that one.

    1. Go to your Closet
    2. Click the + button
    3. select icon for Removed Background
    4. choose the image from your gallery that already has the background removed.

  • Selfie and Social upload to your closet

    coming soon!