What data does
PRONTI ask for?

Pronti has several features where it will ask you for access. All of these features are optional to use.

Explore below the different requests and the features that are powered by them.

Pronti is not using any of this information in any other way than for what is described below. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing this data, you can still use the app without these features.

  • Where to adjust the settings?

    To adjust your settings:


    1. Go to Settings
    2. Scroll until you find Pronti

    Android (Samsung example):
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Choose Apps
    3. Scroll until you find Pronti
    4. Choose Permissions

  • Location data (weather)

    Your location is used to get the weather data of where you are. Both the While Using or Always settings will allow you to see the weather on the Home screen.

    Enable your location on the app for Pronti to show you the weather each day. This will allow you to make better decisions when choosing an outfit.

    create your own outfit
  • Calendar data (see your calendar on the home screen)

    Your calendar is used for you to be able to see the events you have to dress for during your day.

    Enable your calendar on the app for Pronti to show you the events you have each day. This will allow you to know what outfit to choose base on what affairs you have in the day.

    calendar in outfit creation
  • Photos & Camera (uploading to your closet)

    Access to your photos or camera is for uploading images to your closet.

    Pronti does not access your photos or the camera until you choose the upload button in the app!

    We use this ephemerally - in other words we only use it when you are uploading and we don't keep or store other images that you have not selected for upload.

    Upload your clothes on Pronti
  • Notifications

    We promise to use notifications sparingly and for things that matter to you like when Pronti has finished a task that takes a long time to process (eg adding your email past purchases to your closet)

  • Gmail data & Google Sign in

    There are two places where Gmail or Google might be requested:

    1. If you choose to set up your account with a google sign in

    2. If you choose to add your past e-commerce purchases (This is back in development - coming soon!)

    • When you connect your Gmail to Pronti, Pronti looks for your e-commerce purchases. Pronti will find the images for them to be added to your closet.
    • Please note: Pronti does not save the emails and disconnects after finding the images (we do not maintain a connection to your Gmail - if you have new purchases you have to request it again).
    • If you are worried but still want to use this method a hack is to forward all your purchases to a dummy gmail account and connect that email that only contains the purchases.

    create your own outfit
  • Why do I need to enable Cookies & Javascript in Shopping?

    Enabling Cookies and Javascript in your phone browser allows Pronti to work with the Retailers that pay for being included in recommendations. This allows us to cover the costs of the expensive machine learning and cloud and keep Pronti free for users.

    You don't pay any more on the cost of your shopping items to use Pronti's recommendation engine and we hope in the long run it helps you find items you wouldn't have and shop consciously by using what you already have.