Occasions are a magic key

Note: If a clothing item has no occasion tagged, it will only appear in All Closet Mashup outfits.

Need to know what clothes have no occasion? Go to your Unorganized section of your closet.

PRONTI pros understand that occasions are a powerful way to organize your closet and teach Pronti.

An occasion is an event (like office, gym or formal) or a style (casual or smart casual) or a style-season (Spring-Casual) or these are my power outfits (power).

Pro users make **custom occasions** to express their unique life - track clothing in different homes, plan special events, trips - be their unique selves. You do you.

  • Add an occasion & custom occasion

    You can add or create your own occasions or styles by:

    1. navigate to the closet
    2. press the pencil and card icon
    3. select one or more items
    4. press Group Organize
    5. choose Add to other occasions
    6. select the occasion or add your own

    You can add occasions to your closet that mean whatever you want. Pronti learns your way of dressing.

    There are lots of great examples of custom occasions. Some people have more than one home, others like to create special events, sometimes you just want to put some clothes "On Hold" (oops I gained a little too much weight, but it's temporary).

    Add an occasion
  • Delete or Edit an Occasion

    You can delete or edit an occasion by:

    • navigate to the closet
    • press the pencil and card icon
    • select one or more items
    • press Group Organize
    • choose Add to other occasions
    • touch the arrow or pencil beside the occasion you want to edit or delete.
    • Choose edit or delete.

  • Tagging The Item's Occasions (2 ways)

    You can edit a clothing or accessories Occasion in two ways:

    1. Edit many items at a time in the closet view
      • navigate to the closet
      • press the pencil and card icon
      • select the items
      • press Group Organize
      • choose add to other occasions
      • choose the occasions

    2. Edit a single item's occasion in the item view

    • navigate to the closet
    • touch the item you want to edit
    • press edit item info
    • press edit occasion
    • choose the occasions
    • press save

    Upload your clothes on Pronti
  • Advanced or Pro tips

    • Think about how you wear an item -for example a pair of shorts. You might wear it to the gym and on casual days but would never wear them to a formal event. You would add these shorts to "Gym" and "Casual".
    • If you also wore these shorts to casual Fridays at work, you could create a custom occasion called "Casual Fridays" and tag the shorts to that too.
    • Pronti uses occasions as an important way to understand you, because the occasions you wear those shorts may not be the same as someone else.
    • You can always add more occasions later as events or ways to wear them come up. It's easy to group add or remove clothes from occasions.

    We suggest starting with your most important occasion (you can add more occasions later).