Just Mine: How to Use the Outfit Recommender

There are 2 important things to ensure are correct, in order for you to get great outfit recommendations:

  1. The item Category (Top, Bottom, One Piece, Jacket, Accessories and Shoes) needs to be right
  2. The Occasion you wear the item in should be tagged

  • What is Just Mine?

    Just Mine is the area of the app where Pronti makes outfits from the clothes you uploaded to your Pronti Closet. If it is a grey button, that is because you need to add items. Go to the hanger icon.

    press the occasion card to generate outfits
  • Just Mine: Generate outfits from your clothes

    After uploading your clothes, go to the home screen (magnifying glass icon) and select Just Mine from the top menu.

    You need to have at least two tops and two bottoms for the recommender to give you outfit suggestions only from your clothes. The more clothes, the more outfits, but Pronti can also use your items in Explore with items from our retailers if you want outfit inspiration.

    If you haven't tagged your items to occasions, you can see All Closet Mashup outfits, but it is a slower way to teach Pronti your style and get great recommendations.

    press the occasion card to generate outfits
  • Just Mine Filters

    Get more selective recommendations by filtering for them. Press the filter icon to choose from the options.

    Just Mine Filter
    Just Mine Filter
  • Thumbs down, Bookmark and Calendar

    Each outfit has a set of buttons at the bottom. These are pretty self explanatory.

    Thumbs down: Teaches Pronti that you don't like outfits like that

    Bookmark: Puts this in your saved items for you to return back to.

    Calendar: Logs the outfit to your diary (wear now) or plans it for the future. Calendar teaches Pronti your style and keeps track of the outfits you wore.

    save and thumbs down menu
  • Three dots menu

    The three dots menu contains additional options for the outfit.

    1. Share the Outfit - you can send the outfit to your friends or yourself in a number of different ways

    2. Edit Outfit - Do you want to change an item out for something else in your closet? Press this button! (Hint: you can also create your own outfit this way)

    3. Support - this brings you here!

    three dots menu
  • Three dots: Edit an item in an outfit recommendation

    Is the outfit missing an item? Wish it was a different pair of shoes?

    From the three dots icon you can choose Edit Outfit and then replace, add or delete any of the items.

  • Three dots: How to create your own outfit

    You can also create an outfit from scratch!

    From the three dots icon you can choose Edit Outfit and then press the clear all button!

  • Changing the layout - adding two tops or more accessories

    Do you want to layer your tops or add more accessories?

    You can change the layout when you are both creating your own outfit or editing an outfit. Just press the three dots icon on any outfit.

  • Outfits with a particular item

    Sometimes you just want to wear something in particular but can't think what to wear it with.

    Pronti shows you all the outfits that are created with the items in your closet.

    1. Navigate to the closet

    2. Tap on the item

    3. Scroll to the section Outfits made with this item.

    4. Tap the outfit to wear it and log it in your Diary

    outfits with this item