How does Pronti make your outfits?

  • Pronti is a type of artificial intelligence

    Welcome to your outfit inspiration

    Pronti is a set of machine learning algorithms, a type of artificial intelligence. Pronti learnt from hundreds of thousands of outfits and continues to learn how to put together an outfit and what goes with what.

    We didn't want Pronti to just give outfits that follow the trend or norm, because being individual and unique is also important. We believe in self expression first and don’t expect everyone to follow one set of fashion rules.

    Give Pronti feedback

    Pronti learns your context through Occasions. Organize your closet the way you wear things for example your Casual clothes and style are different from your Formal ones and this is different from mine and your friends. Pronti is here to inspire and learn what you like.

    Pronti will give you outfits and is also testing to see if you like combinations that may not be mainstream. This is to understand you better.

    There are buttons on outfits and shopping that give Pronti feedback. If you love what's recommended save it (bookmark icon) and if you hate it hit the thumbs down. Wearing and planning also help Pronti learn. Everything is learnt in context to the occasion you are in and we get it, a year from now you may start liking a different vibe. Pronti will keep learning as long as you keep showing through wearing outfits, favoriting, and trashing.

  • Will Pronti give me a mismatched outfit?

    It is possible to fool Pronti by not having many clothes in your occasion, and it may also be what someone else would consider matched. Fashion is very personal and creative. What Pronti gives you is not random, but depending on your taste or the clothing it has to choose from it may not be as coordinated as you would like.

    This is where you get to replace items in the outfit and teach Pronti or share with your friends and ask an opinion!

  • I want an expert opinion

    But what if I am uncertain or want an expert to help me dress?

    We also know that sometimes you want to learn a little more about fashion rules and what mainstream trends and esthetics are. This is where it helps that Pronti already has learnt on so many outfits.

    There are three other ways:

    1. You can follow our social media for tips
    2. Send us a message to tell us this is important to you. It will bump it up on our backlog of things to develop. We have ideas such as an outfit score to help people know. We are happy to hear your ideas.
    3. Share your outfit with a trusted friend or advisor

How to teach Pronti your style:

  • 1. Press Wear Now in the outfit recommendations

    Click “wear now” to teach Pronti and log what you wear in your diary.

    PRONTI wants to know what you are wearing every day!

    This way it understands how you like to dress. It is like giving a personal stylist an outfit log for them to get to know you.

    Also, every outfit is recorded for you and you can see it in your Outfit Diary

    wear now
  • 2. Replacing items & creating your own outfits

    Replace specific clothing items from the outfit or create your own outfits

    If the outfit looks perfect but you really want to use those new shoes you bought...well, you can replace them! Plan your outfit the way you like it and PRONTI will learn your style in the process!

    edit outfit
  • 3. Thumbs down outfits that are not your style

    Let Pronti know which outfits are NOT your style by selecting the thumbs down icon.

    We all have our unique rules…may you would never match two bright colors together, or wear metallic during the day - whatever it is let PRONTI know that!

    PRONTI wants to learn your style and gets smarter every day!

    thumbs down
  • 4. Add to your saved items and outfits

    Let Pronti know which outfits you like by saving.

    Keep a list of your favorite outfits! PRONTI’s smart closet will keep track of what you love to wear!