• Shop with Your Closet

    You can see recommendations of new items to shop paired with clothes from your closet. The shoppable item is in the green outline with the price below it.

    Tap the item to go the Retail Store.

    Tap twice to like the item and save it to your wish list as an item only.

    Press heart in the buttons at the bottom to save the outfit to your shopping wish list.

    create your own outfit
  • Shop by Store (coming soon!)

    Shop by Store allows you to see outfits generated with only that stores items. It allows you to get more specific about the retailers you want to shop with. We are adding more stores and welcome feedback on which stores you wish were there.

    create your own outfit
    create your own outfit
  • Shopping Filters (coming soon!)

    Get more directive on what you are looking for by filtering for them.