Explore: Shopping in Pronti

Thank you for Shopping! This is how Pronti makes money - our retail partners pay to be seen, clicked on and for items to be purchased through Pronti. You being in shopping helps us keep Pronti free from a monthly subscription.

Shopping is as easy as touching an item and going to the retailer site to check out.

  • Explore: Shopping in Pronti

    Pronti generates shopping outfits from our retail partners and can combine these items with things you have in the closet.

    To maximize what you already own, upload items to your closet.

    Shopping in Pronti
  • Thumbs down and Save

    These are pretty self explanatory.

    Thumbs down: Teaches Pronti that you don't like outfits like that

    Thumbs up: Teaches Pronti that you like outfits like this

    Save: (In development - this feature will be released soon!) Puts this in your saved items for you to return back to.

    save and thumbs down menu
  • Three dots menu

    oops we are having a few issues with this feature so it has been hidden. We'll bring it back soon.

    The three dots menu contains additional options for the outfit.

    1. Share the Outfit - you can send the outfit to your friends or yourself in a number of different ways (coming back soon)

    2. Edit Outfit - Do you want to change an item out for something else in your closet? Press this button!

    3. Support - this brings you here!

    three dots menu
  • Shopping Filters

    Get more selective recommendations by filtering for them. This is a feature we are adding more and more to.

    shopping filters